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NorthWest Jewelers' make and sell 14k and 18k gold jewelry.  Our gold is yellow, white and rose gold.  We have exclusive rose gold and vintage rose gold jewelry.  Some are one of a kind jewelry pieces.  Some are custom to your jewelry specifications. Another jewelry line is Sterling silver.  We also cast in Sterlite, a tarnish resistant silver with bright color and great durability.  We can cast Platinum / Silver pieces, a mixe of the two with great results.  Let us dazzle you with our unique silver jewelry. Custom jewelry is 2nd nature to us.  Your idea in jewelry.  Jewelry art with your flair.  Get started with custom jewelry today. Standard jewelry repairs, custom jewelry repairs and specializing in opal and mother of pearl inlay repair.  We deal direct with the consumer for any repairs.  A great add-on service for any jewelry retailer.  We match opal from our vast inventory in every piece of jewelry we repair. Recreational miners welcome!  Mining has become a great hobby and we can help you get that hard worked rough turned into gemstone.  You be delighted the brilliant cut and great usage for your gems. We can cut collector rough into collector gems. Retail partners, you now have opal and mother of pearl inlay services at your fingertips.  CAD designs eagerly sought for our custom casting at low cost and great value.  Any CAD or AutoCAD file can be cast in silver or gold.
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Gem Cutting
aquamarine, round brilliant cut
yellow sapphire, could also be a citrine, round brilliant cut
sunstone, specifically, oregon sunstone, round brilliant cut
grape garnet, round brilliant cut chrome diopside or imperial diopside, round brilliant cut
Do you have rough gems you'd like made into beautiful gemstones?  We can help.  Our
specialty gem cutting service can facet almost any material into fantastic gemstones.

Call Victor Albert
3D CAD Designs!
Make a piece as uniqe as
you are.  Call for an
Victor Albert
Gold and silver are at all
time highs!  Sell  your
gold while it stays
expensive and take a trip
while they're cheap!
Jewelry Repair
Inlay Repair direct mail ad card.  Should be familiar to people on our mailing list or those I've visited.
We perform jewelry repair of
all types, but also specilize in
Inlay Repair.  Opal, Onyx,
Mother of Pearl, Lapis, Jade,
Coral and more
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