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We sell 14k and 18k gold jewelry.  Our gold is yellow, white and rose gold.  We have exclusive rose gold and vintage rose gold jewelry.  Some are one of a kind jewelry pieces.  Some are custom to your jewelry specifications. Another jewelry line is Sterling silver.  We also cast in Sterlite, a tarnish resistant silver with bright color and great durability.  We can cast Platinum / Silver pieces, a mixe of the two with great results.  Let us dazzle you with our unique silver jewelry. Custom jewelry is 2nd nature to us.  Your idea in jewelry.  Jewelry art with your flair.  Get started with custom jewelry today. Standard jewelry repairs, custom jewelry repairs and specializing in opal and mother of pearl inlay repair.  We deal direct with the consumer for any repairs.  A great add-on service for any jewelry retailer.  We match opal from our vast inventory in every piece of jewelry we repair. Recreational miners welcome!  Mining has become a great hobby and we can help you get that hard worked rough turned into gemstone.  You be delighted the brilliant cut and great usage for your gems. Retail partners, you now have opal and mother of pearl inlay services at your fingertips.  CAD designs eagerly sought for our custom casting at low cost and great value.  Any CAD or AutoCAD file can be cast in silver or gold.
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Jewelry Repairs Everyday!
Broken prong, loose stone, ring sizing, white gold repair, jewelry repair, diamond ring repairs, Diamond ring with broken prong? Easily fixed!
A chain may break, a stone may come loose and a
diamond can even cut its way out of your favorite
setting.  With the proper maintenance and occasional
touch up, your jewelry will continue to sparkle and
your enjoyment can last a lifetime.  NorthWest
Jewelers offers a full range of professional jewelry
repair, refinishing and refurbishment services.
Sizing & Re-sizing
A ring that doesn't fit anymore, a gift or a heirloom from loved one. Our expert staff can
determine your best fit and size a ring accordingly. Don't be left without your favorite ring
just because it doesn't fit you any more.

Gemstone Mounting & Prong Re-tipping
Is your diamond loose in its setting? Proper maintenance and prong re-tipping can prevent
you from losing your precious diamonds. We can inspect your jewelry mountings and
prongs for wear while you watch our jewelers service your jewelry.

Precious Stone Replacement
Missing gemstones from your jewelry? Our professional jewelers can replace the stones in
any setting — solitaires, three-stone rings, tensions settings, channel settings, bezel
settings or pavé. Or we can set loose gemstones in your chosen mounting.

Custom Jewelry Designs
Want to re-use your old jewelry to create a new custom-design? We’ll create a beautiful
new piece of custom jewelry you’ll cherish forever using a variety of techniques from lost
wax casting to hand fabrication to deliver the unique jewelry design you desire.

Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing
Unsure about the right way to clean your jewelry? We can clean, polish and restore your
jewelry to look like new! Our professional jewelers will make your jewelry sparkle right
before your eyes. And recommend the proper cleaning products for your specific jewelry.

Necklace Repair & Bracelet Repair
Is your favorite charm bracelet broken and unused? Your NorthWest Jewelers professional
can inspect and repair broken chains, pendants and charms – or replace worn out clasps
and closures. We quickly refurbish your necklaces, bracelets and jewelry chains to look
new again.

Pearl Restringing
Need a set of pearls restrung? With time and normal wear the chords of pearl necklaces
and pearl bracelets become brittle and susceptible to breakage. Let the professionals at
NorthWest Jewelers prolong the life of your pearls by restringing and inspecting the clasps.
NorthWest Jewelers also specializes in Australian Opal Inlay Repair.
Repairing inlay jewelry...
We repair all
manufacturers Inlay
Jewelry.  Kabana, B&H,
Ray Tracy, Ash, etc.
opal inlay repair, opal repair, opal ring, opal rings
Two broken Australian Opal inlay in
a 14k gold rings.
opal inlay ring repair, opal inlay ring, opal repair, inlay repair, Australian Opal
opal inlay ring repair, opal inlay ring, opal repair, inlay repair, Australian Opal
opal rough, raw opal, opal repair, opal inlay, Australian opal
We use only top quality
Australian Opal from the
best sources.
mother of pearl, black mother of pearl, mother of pearl repair, pink mother of pearl
Mother of Pearl inlay
material; pink, white,
yellow and black.
Two rings after inlay repair, metal restoration and cleaning.
opal inlay ring repair, opal inlay ring, opal repair, inlay repair, Australian opal ring
opal inlay ring repair, opal inlay ring, opal repair, inlay repair, Australian opal ring
For those of you familiar with Nagalle Repairs, we have moved and are now operating our repair
facilities under a new name; NorthWest Jewelers. This is still the same group of dedicated people,
same processes and the same products. Only the name has changed.
Please call to talk directly with our repair manager:

Scott Smith
We recommend any of the private shippers (FedEx, UPS, DHL), plus USPS insured or USPS registered. Any
of those options will give you a tracking or confirmation number.

Our Process:
You may  include your own internal job number and we can track repairs with it. Remember to provide your
name, address, phone number and instructions with every order. As always, repair timelines are still
approximately three to four weeks.
                                            takes a special touch.
Nagalle Designs has manufactured Australian Opal
inlay jewelry since 1993. In a joint effort we are proud
to offer inlay repair services to you. Whether the inlay
is Opal, Lapis, Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, Onyx, Ruby
or another precious material, let us take on the task of
delighting your customer with the piece of jewelry they
fell in love with.
Help with our No Hassle Returns and Warranties, info on our sales tax and shipping.  Visit our customer service center.  Customer satisfaction with our jewelry is very important.  Let us know if you like or don't like our jewelry.  Hearing both helps us give you what you want.
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